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About Tabone Home

Our mission is to take care of you. Tabone Home transforms homes into peaceful and functional spaces, so that you can focus on what matters most.

Our clients understand that changing their spaces can help them in their quest to be their highest and best selves. With our knowledge, skills, and understanding, we guide those who don’t know how to do what we do towards living a more beautiful and fulfilling life.

We don’t just make pretty spaces. We focus on how you need to use a room first and foremost. Then we’ll delight you with your new space, reorganized and beautifully styled so that you can start living your life the way you’ve imagined.

Tabone Home values excellent customer service, and we take pride in making sure our clients are satisfied. We focus our efforts on attention to detail and excellent project management. Our goal is to relieve you of the worry and stress of coordinating it all.


Our Style

We utilize common ingredients in every design – light, proportion, balance of color and texture – all with respect to architecture and setting. The fun is in channeling these elements to uniquely honor each client's own personal definition of living well. The end result is a bespoke environment that is warm, inviting and memorable: a reprieve from the busy routine.

Our style tends to be a balance of:

  • Classic New England traditional architectural elements

  • Natural, earthy colors and textures

  • Modern clean lines and uncluttered styling

We find that handmade goods, natural wood, minerals, and antique decor aged with patina add soul to a room. You’ll find our design plans and online shop infused with these beautiful objects.

We hand select well-made, ethically sourced, and functional wares for the home and inspired lifestyle. We source high-quality and unique items.

We hope you enjoy our curated collections in our projects and our online shop, and surround yourself with things you love.


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Amber Tabone

Principal Designer

Meet Amber

Hello! I help busy homeowners seeking organization, balance, and style. I enjoy transforming their homes so that they can focus on other things that matter most.

I bring exceptional project management skills and an obsession with balance, texture and composition. I have run my own business for over 13 years. With a background in business and advertising, and a passion for travel and interior design, I put together what I know and love to offer the best home decor and interior design services.

I started my career as a business and technology consultant in Los Angeles. As I honed my business and efficiency skills, I discovered my true passion was in design. I studied Swedish to attended one of the top digital design schools in Sweden. After graduating in 2006, I became an award-winning Creative Director, working for several prominent advertising agencies. As I became obsessed with interior design, I shifted my focus to creating high-end, well-designed residential homes.

I relish the level of detail and attention it takes to create a cohesively styled space, and I hold our work and customer service to high-standards. I love technology and enjoy integrating it into how a room functions. 

If you have any questions or just want to chat, please reach out via email or message us on Instagram, @tabonehome