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+ Why do you charge for consultations?

Not only do you get a chance to see how well we'll work together, but you'll walk away with great ideas and valuable insight. Designers that offer free consultations often withhold their ideas until after you pay for their services. Charging for our consultation allows us to freely share all of our ideas and suggestions with you while we meet. This was you can get a sense of just how well we’ll be able to help you and how we’ll work with you before you commit to an entire project.

During a typical consultation, we will likely be able accomplish several tasks that you can then implement yourself or share with another designer should you choose to go with someone else. When we meet, we'll prioritize your needs to increase our chances of getting through your top priorities.

At Tabone Home, we consider our time, knowledge and skills of value to you. We’d love to give you a taste of what we can do together and share our insight right away.

+ How much will my project cost?

Every project is different in price, and if you’ve never addressed a space’s design all at once, you’ll find it is expensive. Our goal is to give you a finished space. That means more than just a couch, a lamp and a coffee table. It is everything from a refreshed paint color, to the accessories around the room, adequate lighting, and window treatments.

  • A typical family room budget starts at $15,000
  • Bedrooms tend to run around $5,000
  • A standard kitchen is easily $60,000 (an extra large kitchen can be $100,000+)

Those finished items add up fast, but if you were to add up everything in your current space it probably came to the same amount (just over several years). Some clients decide to work in phases and tackle a room per year. Not everything has to be done all at once.

We won’t be able to give you a close estimate until we nail down a few things (project scope, contractor estimates, etc). We will be able to share an estimate with you once we get to Step 5 of our process.

With an interior designer you not only get beautiful furniture and objects, you get functional, finished spaces without the stress and hassle of coordinating it all by yourself. Our design and project management fees are billed at hourly rates.

We offer an incentive to help offset our design and project management fees. We are able to purchase high-quality products at wholesale prices, and we share our furniture and accessory discounts with you, right down the middle. For example, if a couch’s retail cost $5,000, and we are able to purchase it at $4,000, we’ll give the shared savings of $500 back to you. When you work on a project with us and purchase furniture and accessories through our vendors, often the savings you get can cover the entire cost of our design fees. It’s a win-win.

+ How long does a project take?

A typical design project lasts at least 4 months. Decision-making and furniture delivery tend to delay project completions. Once decisions are made on Step 5 of our process, we can estimate your timeframe based on the pieces selected.

+ What is it like to work with you and your team?

Fun! We are a positive, can-do team, who love what we do. And we hope you’ll have fun working with us too! We enjoy solving problems and rising to meet challenges. We are efficient and strive to make your experience smooth, fun and drama-free.

+ Why invest in interior design services?

Good interior designers listen and think about you in the context of your space — how you live in and use your home, and how you want it to feel and function when you're in it. We want to help you love your home, and love the process of making it yours. We help alleviate the stress of a renovation, and we help you avoid making costly mistakes.


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