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How we Work

Our role can be as little or as large as required, from a simple color scheme to managing a full interior design project.


1. Reach Out & Share Your Details

Connect with us to let us know you’re interested in finding out more. We’ll schedule a phone call to discuss your needs, budget and our project fees.


2. The Consultation

Every project, big or small, begins with a paid consultation. This is not your average meet-and-greet. You’ll receive up to 90 minutes of time in your home with a senior designer to get your questions answered.

• Experience our top-notch customer service
• See how well we work together
• Walk away with great ideas and valuable insight

During a typical consultation, we will likely be able accomplish several tasks in the allotted time. When we meet, we'll prioritize your needs to increase our chances of getting through your top priorities. Learn more about what we can accomplish in a consultation.


3. We Get to Work

After the consultation, Tabone Home charges hourly for design services. We utilize a well-structured 15-step process to keep your project on time and on budget.

We’ll focus on perfecting proportion and room flow to optimize how the space feels with respect to lighting, views and setting. We carefully coordinate materials to create a cohesive atmosphere, adding a curated mix of elements from different eras, lighting, art, and layers of fabric and textures. We’ll focusing on changes that will make the greatest impact for your budget.


4. Design Presentation

We’ll present our ideas and solutions, making revisions as needed. We'll provide swatches and mood boards, so you can try our ideas before you buy.


5. Service & Installation

We'll bring your plan to life: clearing out old items, painting walls, ordering product, and styling the accessories. You’ll come home to your new space, ready to live your life as you intended.

Let’s take your home to the next level and create a space you’ll love, together.