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Why work with us?

We can enrich your life by making your home easier to live in and be an inspiration to how you want to live your life and who you want to become.



We listen to your needs

Our mission is to think about you in the context of your space — how you live in and use your home, and how you want it to feel and function when you're in it. We want to help you love your home, and love the process of making it yours. Our goal is to understand what you love and how you live, and make sure your home reflects that.


We provide outstanding customer service

Our team ensures that each project is executed from start to finish with excellence. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes and we treat you like we’d want to be treated,, with respect and kindness.


We focus on the details

We know if a couch will fit through your door, or if you pet’s hair will show up on a fabric (ultimately driving you nuts). We think of the details so you don’t have to. Saving you time, grief, and money.


We’re organized and efficient

At Tabone Home, we serve our valued clients through a structured 15-step process. We rely on experience and expertise to complete projects on time, on budget, and with consistently pleasing results.


We have connections

Tabone Home has a network of talented and reliable professionals in the Boston area — from contractors and cabinetmakers to artisans. We utilize our teams to ensure quality and honest work, and you will benefit from our strong, established relationships with those people.


We share our discounts

We purchase high-quality products at wholesale prices, and we share our furniture and accessory discounts with you, right down the middle. For example, if a couch’s retail cost $5,000, and we are able to purchase it at $4,000, we’ll give the shared savings of $500 back to you. When you work on a project with us and purchase furniture and accessories through our vendors, often the savings you get can cover the entire cost of our design fees. It’s a win-win.


We love what we do and we’re good at it

We bring taste, warmth, and purposefully selected items. Interior design styles and personal tastes evolve constantly. We vigilantly pay attention to new products, trends, and ideas, while incorporating time-tested classics. We strive to be the best at what we do.


We believe in open and clear communication

No hidden fees or bamboozles. We are upfront about the costs and the process and make sure we walk through it with you in plain English. We encourage questions and open dialogue so that we work together as a team.


We’re good people

Customers and employees come first, before profit. We believe in fairness and equality. We are passionate about design elements that are environmentally friendly and ethically created.

When you love your home you enjoy spending time there. It brings you joy, a sense of peace and even pride.