In-Person Consultation

In-Person Consultation


Every project, big or small, begins with a paid consultation. This is not your average meet-and-greet. You’ll receive up to 90 minutes of time in your home with a senior designer.

You will:

  • Experience our top-notch customer service

  • See how well we work together

  • Walk away with great ideas and valuable insight

During a typical consultation, we will likely be able accomplish several tasks in the allotted time. We cannot, for example, design a kitchen in 90 minutes. But we can answer questions like marble vs. quartz countertops.

When we meet, we’ll prioritize your needs to increase our chances of getting through your top priorities.

Example Consultation Tasks:

  • Define your style

  • Rearrange furniture to improve flow and layout

  • Suggest additional furniture styles and needs

  • Talk about ways to repurpose items that are out-of-date or require revamping to save money

  • Discuss how to integrate technology in your home to make your life easier

  • Choose paint colors

  • Suggest window treatment styles and tips

  • Provide guidance on additional lighting

  • Suggest types of wall art, their position and scale

  • Suggest finishing styles (tile, plumbing fixtures, hardware style colors and shapes)

Please contact us with any questions.

We will contact you within 24 business hours after purchase to schedule your consultation.

Purchase Consultation

Consultation Details

  • Consultations are not refundable

  • If we do not reach a full allotted time, any remaining time is forfeited

  • We do our best to answer all questions within the allotted time, but we may not get to all of them in that time frame

  • You will not walk away with a list of exact items to purchase, but with style ideas for you to either source yourself or we can continue with the project and offer you sourced items from our connections

  • You will not receive pricing for specific items unless we sign up to do the project at an hourly rate (which would include sourcing, managing the purchasing, delivery and installation