Custom Exterior Paint Exploration

Custom Exterior Paint Exploration


Visualize what your home exterior could look like if painted different modern and classic color combinations.* We will contact you to get a picture of the exterior of your home to use as a model.


  • Have an expert do the heavy lifting and narrow it down for you

  • Gain confidence in your color choice before committing

  • Save money by purchasing sample paint that you know will work well

What You’ll Receive: 

  1. A digital PDF document showing up to 10 color options overlaid on a picture of your home. We can provide you with our hand-selected colors that match the style of your home, or you can request specific color combinations.

  2. Sherwin Williams paint chips to match the color explorations. 

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*We try to clearly and accurately depict true color representations of actual Sherwin Williams swatches. Actual colors may vary from on-screen and in print exploration. To confirm your color choices prior to painting, please view a physical color chip or painted sample.